[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hello! I don’t know about you but I dream of wine country. Ok maybe not dream but I adore wine country and wouldn’t hate ya if you wanted to have your wedding out in Cali, just sayin 😉 One of my best friends is scouting the Napa/Sonoma area as a possible destination wedding location. Color. Me. Excited. As she wants to get married this year, my wedding planner ears perked up and said “Sister, we need to get planning!” Bridesmaid+wedding planner=trouble. Luckily she loves my enthusiasm and welcomes the crazy, I mean help. What I love about wine country is the options are endless. You can have everything from a casual reception at a fab restaurant, to vineyard side ceremony, to luxury resort. We have found castles, wineries, and fine vacation spots. We are working on narrowing what she & her future groom are really looking for to help make the decision. There are great accommodations for guests as well: typical hotels, bed & breakfasts, or even cottages to rent. I love the idea of a group of friends renting a cottage together for the weekend. I envision that will be the route we personally take. I see friends making dinners, enjoying wine from our wine tours, lots of love and laughs. There is not shortage of things to do which will make it a great trip–some can turn into a vacation and others can make it a great long weekend. Wine tours as the day is long, the beach, San Fran, and the list goes on. I will keep your posted on our wine country wedding journey! Remember even though we are your Birmingham wedding planner, we do travel. Just ask! Have you been to wine country for a wedding? If so, what was your fave place? Please share! Enjoy these photos from a wine country inspiration photo shoot we did.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]