Hi friends! Ok so we are just going to be real here–you need a professional wedding planner! Moms, sisters, aunts, cousins, person off the street—they are all great but we wanted to share our thoughts on why having a professional planner in your corner is very important!

  1. Provide access to wedding vendors that you will love!  The wedding industry is LARGE and we can connect you with the right vendor for you. There are also many people out there who claim to be professionals but are not. We work with licensed and insured professionals. Bring us your wedding visions and we will find your vendor to give you exactly what you want.  Want to see vendors we love?! E-mail us for a free consultation!
  2. We are there to work for you. A planner is there to work your wedding. We are not there to do anything else but work. Your mother, family and friends are there to enjoy the wedding, not make sure the tables got numbered correctly. We make sure all vendors arrive timely with the correct items to make your wedding perfect. Your mother, aunt or friend might need to be in pictures earlier than they can ensure that all the set up and tasks for the wedding day are complete.
  1. Set your timeline & stick to it! We love staying organized and we will make sure your day goes as you planned. A planner will create a timeline for the day of your wedding and make sure the timing goes as planned during your ceremony and reception. You don’t need to be worrying about the many tasks that play into the wedding, that’s why we are there to help make sure the day goes smoothly for you!
  2. Handle behind the scenes problems/issues leading up to the wedding and the day of your wedding. We know that issues arise leading up to the wedding and the day of and we are there to take care of them for you. You don’t want to be running around making sure the cake arrived timely or the linens are correct, we are there to do that for you without causing extra stress on you or your family. We want you to enjoy your night, you deserve it!

Let your mom, sister, aunt or BFF enjoy the day with you and leave the work to the pros. They will thank you later!


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