Weddings at home are on the rise thanks to COVID19 and honestly we love a beautiful wedding at home. They can range from intimate celebrations, to big time production (when of course we are allowed again). Whether you are having a small gathering or one giant fete we wanted to share some things we have learned over the years on weddings at home. 

First, guest count & capacity is important to be aware of. We typically don’t have 150+ people in our homes so be sure there is a good flow, ample space & seating, and people can be comfortable. Often times this means we need to add a tent to the front or back yard to provide enough room. Tents are beautiful & special but there are some things to keep in mind. 

  1. Is the ground level? You want to have your tent company come measure and survey the space to accurately give you a quote on size and other needs. If the ground is not even they may have to add some flooring to even it out.  
  2. Does the access to the tent make sense for the flow of the event? Will guests go to the tent immediately or later on in the evening? Do you they have access to bar and food in the tent or do they need to go to a different space for that? 

Next thing to consider is power. For a smaller event this may not be necessary but for a large event at home with a large band and lighting the power from your home probably will not be enough and generators will be needed. Be sure to review your band contract for their power needs and consult with your planner and rental company. 

Another thing to think about is plumbing and trash removal. How about a vendor prep area? Will your caterer need a mobile kitchen, can they use your kitchen, or will they need to create their kitchen under a prep tent? Also think about Heat or AC depending on the time of the year.

We have done large scale and small scale weddings at home and would be happy to help you plan your wedding at home celebration!

Photos: Alisha Crossley Photography

Anne Grace & Gabe had an intimate at home wedding when COVID shut everything down. This is was a beautiful Plan B and so special!


Another item on the at home list is general cleaning & maintenance during the event. Remember this is not a typical venue where you would have a venue manager tending to spills, broken glasses, replenishing toilet paper, and trash removal. Yes your planner may be able to help with those items but it won’t be their sole focus–their focus will be running the event. If you don’t have someone to help with general home maintenance during the event consult your planner about him or her bringing on an additional staff person to tend to those items only. 

Photos: Rachel & Noah Ray

Drake & Reid married with a small Church ceremony and then a big at home celebration with their friends and family. Watching her getting ready in her childhood bedroom, walk down the stairs she has a million times, and celebrate in such a special place that held so many family memories was truly special.