Hey, y’all! Today we are sharing wedding planning GOLD with you! We asked some of our favorite photographers what they wish you knew about wedding photography before you even reach out. We believe knowledge is power and is key to you making smart choices when it comes to your wedding day. Let’s dive into the good stuff.

“Be realistic when it comes to [what you see on] Pinterest. Your photographer cannot recreate every shot you see on there. It is great for inspiration, not imitation.” –Arden Photography

“Take time to get to know what style of photography you like. This will make your choice in choosing a photographer easier.” – Meredith Ryncarz Photography

“Ask to see several full galleries from all the photographers on your short list of interest. It is easy to pull out a few good highlight images for a website or social media, but can your photographer handle all lighting situations? This will let you see if they can.” –Alisha Crossley Photography

Another piece of advice we loved from Alisha is, “ A good photographer is going to give you more than just good pictures when you review portfolios. Be sure to review feedback from former clients of that photographer. Your planner and photographer are with you all day, unlike other vendors. They help set the mood & tone for your day and therefore can contribute to the overall feel and look of your final product and experience.”

Oh man, we learned so, so much from the photographers that reached out and shared with us. I got so many responses I feel a part two coming on soon!

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