Intimate weddings are going to take hold as the trend for the wedding and events industry. We are making our predictions of trends & ideas we are going to see in the these smaller fetes! 

Dress up the table:

For our clients having larger events, it isn’t always in the budget to rent speciality glassware or china. With a smaller guest count, couples can invest in these very special and unique pieces that they may not have been able to before. 

Think of this as the most special dinner party you will ever host:

These smaller events will allow for such a special culinary experience! Our clients tend to be foodies and love a great food experience. Hello, we are in Birmingham, Alabama–an incredible place for the southern culinary movement. I can’t wait to see what unique menus we create for clients in these smaller event settings. 

More than one event to spend with guests:

With a smaller guest count, you may now have the flexibility to host more than one event for your guests over the wedding weekend and spend even more time with your special loved ones! Welcome parties with food trucks or dinner and cocktails at a special place to you, host daytime activities for guests to enjoy in your city, and who doesn’t love an after wedding brunch? Everyone needs carbs the next day 😉 Use this as a chance to spend more time with your nearest & dearest in this season. 

Curate a personalized guest experience:

With a smaller guest count, one of my favorite things to do, is to curate personalized welcome gifts. I had a client who was having a destination wedding and we sourced these AMAZING beach bags that had speakers in them, monogrammed them with the guest’s name, and then we filled them with goodies that the couple chose, as well as some of that particular guest’s favorite things. This was such an incredibly thoughtful and unique way to curate the experience for that guest individually. Love speciality paper but wasn’t sure if you could invest in it with a larger guest count? It now might be a possibility! A great weekend itinerary well designed, personalized menus, place cards, and favors are all amazing ways to continue to curate the experience for your guests!


How are you personalizing the guest experience for your wedding?