Hey, y’all! Today we are going to chat about the five things you need to look for in contracts with your vendors. Remember, having a contract not only protects you, but it protects the vendor too.

First, you want to be sure there is a “plan B” clause. In the event that something tragic happens that would prevent your vendor from being at your wedding, what is the plan B? Unfortunately, illness and accidents can and do happen so just being aware of that is important.

Next, be sure to check that dates and times of the wedding, names of all who need to sign, details of services, etc. are correct. This seems obvious, but you want to be 100% sure it is accurate.

Third, is there a refund policy, and do you know what it is? Be sure you are aware of this clause.

Fourth, be sure you are aware of minimums you might be bound to, like a headcount for catering and when a headcount needs to be given to the vendor.

Lastly, be aware if any accommodation and/or travel clauses apply to you and make note of what those amounts are. If travel is needed for the vendor, they may require hotel accommodations and per diems for themselves as well as their staff.

Be sure to review your contracts thoroughly, share with your planner if applicable, and don’t sign contracts too prematurely. I have seen people sign contracts for venues that don’t really accommodate their expected headcount just because they were worried about losing a date. Do your research before signing.

We hope y’all found this helpful today! As you are wedding planning, you might feel overwhelmed by the process, so be sure to grab our FREE getting started guide here!

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