Hey, hey there, friends! Today we are chatting about some more tips to help ensure that you have a smooth wedding planning process, whether you are working with a professional wedding planner or not. Doing these couple of things will really just help you help yourself.

First, being very organized is going to be key to your success.

I really believe in finding your own system, whether that is a digital option or good old fashioned pen and paper. Good organization will be super helpful in your wedding planning process. That means having all your necessary information together in one place like contracts, invoices, and contact information.

Second, try not to wait until the end of your planning to gather up all of the documents your planner or coordinator may request.

Be sure you have contracts, invoices, and any other information that details what your vendors will be providing in an easy, accessible place. For your planner or coordinator to hit the ground running, they will need this information. What can delay the confirmation process with vendors might be missing contact information, or lists detailing what the vendor will be providing. Have this information at the ready!

Lastly, trust the professionals you have hired.

You have hopefully done your homework and hired people that you trust and that you know are going to do a great job for you. Build that trust throughout your planning process by getting to know them, even if it is just through email for some time. They are going to do a great job for you, so just trust in their proven systems and processes and let the magic happen!

If you are working on getting started with your planning, be sure to grab the getting started guide here.


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