Hello, friends! Today we are chatting about tipping your wedding vendors. There is a lot of debate here, but we want to share with you what best practices are most common.


First, be sure to reference your invoice to see if you have paid gratuity because sometimes it may already be included.

You want to be sure you tip bartenders, waitstaff, chef, drivers, coat check, valet attendants, officiant, and hair and makeup artists for sure. Your officiant may ask that your tip be a donation to his or her home church. Your other vendors like photographer, videographer, planner, florist, production company, and other entertainment vendors can also be tipped if you believe the level of service deserves it. We believe it is appropriate to tip these vendors monetarily or give them a lovely gift with a note. Remember, these are the folks working hard for you on your wedding day, so at the very least a thank you note is appropriate.


You may be asking yourself, “How much do I tip?”

Your vendors like your photographer, videographer, florist, and planner should be tipped 5-10% of their total bill.

Bartenders should be tipped 10% of the total alcohol bill.

Chefs should be tipped $100+ and waitstaff $25-$30+ each.

Coat room attendants and valet, we suggest $1 per coat/car.

Hair and makeup artists should be tipped 15-20% of the bill.

For transportation drivers, we suggest tipping 15% of the invoice total.

Lastly, your ceremony and reception musicians should be tipped $25-$50 per member, depending on your comfort level.



Again, tips are never expected but always appreciated! Be sure to budget for this while working on your overall wedding budget. Were you not expecting this expense? Grab our “Five Wedding Expenses You May Not Be Prepared For” guide so you aren’t caught off guard!