Thinking of hiring us?!

Well, in short, AWESOME! We would LOVE to work with you to make your wedding a reality so you can enjoy the process and be thrilled with the end result of an event that is reflective of you and your fiance that delivers a guest experience you are happy with. Let us walk you through a few questions to ask yourself so you can decide if we would be a good fit!

  1. Do you like us? This seems simple enough but our personalities have to click for it to be a good match. Our most ideal clients, the client relationships that have gone the smoothest, are the ones where even if we weren’t your wedding planner, we would be your friend. Hopefully you like to laugh, like a good time, a bit of sarcasm, and appreciate the honest dose of reality we are here to deliver. We will be together A LOT people. There are lots of emails, phone calls, and meetings ahead together. We will be all up in your business on wedding day–along with your photographer, so like them a lot too 😉 Having a good, solid relationship will make this process easier. You need to be able to trust us right away and know we have your best interests at heart. We think about our couples ALL DAY long, what more can we do for you, how can we make your experience with us better, what needs to get done on project list for you, how’s your relationship, praying for you as you enter marriage–my hope is through your planning process with I do, I do! Is that you feel the love that we have for you, and your marriage.
  2. Do you like our style? Our ideal client is traditional, and classic but loves a modern twist in some ways. We love weddings full of southern charm, personalized details, and a great guest experience for your loved ones to share in your happy day. This isn’t to say we do things out of this realm but this is our niche and favorite look. Flip through our Events page to see some of our favorites!
  3. Is your marriage the center of the planning? Seems crazy to ask right?! We love LOVE & we love marriage. I have been married for almost 8 years and it is truly the best gift God has ever given me– this life with this man who I adore and makes the journey all the more richer. All of the frills of the wedding are great but at the end of the day is the thing you are most excited about is being a married couple? Ask yourself–if the answer is “YES YES YES get me down that aisle!” then we are your people. We will celebrate your love, and this new family you are creating. We will encourage you to have date night where you don’t talk about the wedding and challenge you to think about the heirlooms and special things we can include to tell your story so one day you can pass down those heirlooms to your children and grandchildren to continue your family’s traditions.

As your wedding planner, we become your friend, confidant, idea factory, sounding board, referee and so much more. If you answered yes to these questions, then hop on over to our contact page so we can chat about the big day and how we can help!