Terah and Tyler had the most amazing wedding. Our goal was to create an event that had a luxurious look and feel, but give a sense of fun and celebration at the same time. As you can see, it was all of that!! With the help of J. Ross Railey CFD, we were able to create a golden, candlelit ceremony at B&A Warehouse in the beautiful downtown Birmingham.

Several breaks from tradition made this wedding extra special; Included in the ceremony was a Dutch Box that held love letters from both bride and groom, along with a bottle of wine and two glasses. According to tradition, the Dutch Box is to be hammered shut during the ceremony, and remain closed until the couple’s 25th anniversary celebration. If for whatever reason, they should encounter trouble in their marriage before that time, the box would be opened, and they would drink the wine while they read the letters that they wrote to one another on their wedding day.

Once the ceremony was over, it was time to party!! All guests had a blast, as JAMM Entertainment got the crowd going. It did not need much help though. as Mom had thought ahead and brought in two fabulous dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studio to inspire everyone on the dance floor!

After long night of dancing, delicious food, and even a surprise choreographed family dance, Terah and Tyler left in their limo for a week-long honeymoon in the sun.

Our great vendors truly outdid themselves at this event! Thank you to Sweet Spot Confections for the two gorgeous cakes, Clay Carroll from Carroll Production for his great video, and Jessica Messer Photography for always providing such amazing photography.


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