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Today on the blog I wanted to chat all things summer wedding menu inspiration and tips. One of my favorite caterers, Kathy G & Co, is sharing all their summer menu tips, ideas, and drool worthy pictures. As a wedding planner, a great caterer is critical to our vendor team. They are the experts on all things food, beverage, and share great ideas for maximizing the culinary experience for your guests. Together your planner, & caterer will work together to be sure this is all created for your guest experience! After this, I am seriously hungry for some yummy food. Thank you Natalie for sharing your amazing ideas!

Magnolia Vine Events: In your opinion, what is the number one mistake people make when planning their summer wedding menu?

Kathy G & Co: Most of our southern summertime weddings happen to be outside or at least partially outside and I think that when this is the case, people should consider the types of food that will maintain their integrity in intense heat when choosing a menu.

Magnolia Vine Events: In these hotter months, what are some of your favorite items to serve guests to stay cool?

Kathy G & Co: Anything chilled, fresh & refreshing!  Start with a fun drink (whether a cocktail or ‘mocktail’) that has fresh fruits & juices.  I love a citrus fruit popsicle in a glass of Prosecco or fresh lemonades (with vodka)!  Watermelon, Strawberry, Mango, and Lemon-Lime lemonades in fun glasses with fresh fruit garnishes are always refreshing in the summertime.  For a more ‘handsome’ cocktail, Honey Bourbon with Fresh Squeezed Lemonade and floating lemon is a southern classic.  Keep it simple and clean and guests will stay cool and refreshed!

Magnolia Vine Events: Gosh that sounds AMAZING right now!

Kathy G & Co: In addition to a fun drink, I love greeting guests with delicious passed bites such as Watermelon with Balsamic Drizzle with a sprig of Mint, Ceviche, anything with Tomato in the summer (Caprese, Tomato Confit Bruschetta, Mini BLT’s), or something like our amazing Ahi Tuna Tartar Wonton Tacos topped with Wasabi Crème & Edamame…always a crowd pleaser!

Magnolia Vine Events: What are some of your favorite food presentation ideas for summer weddings?

Kathy G & Co: Most of our Kathy G brides want a bountiful food presentation with southern classics such as Fried Green Tomatoes, Mac Bars (mac served in Cast Iron Skillets), Sliders surrounded by Homemade Sweet Potato Chips in a beautiful hand crafted branch basket, Shrimp & Grits, Local Conecuh Sausage ‘Pigs in a Blanket’ topped with Whole Grain Mustard, and our ever popular “Braised Southern” Station that features a Oatmeal Stout Brown Ale braised Pot Roast served over Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes with Horsetail Carrots (served in a Cosmo Glass!) – The biggest crowd pleaser ever!   I also LOVE our Tuscan Table.  It is very bountiful and one of my favorite stations to style!  There are so many elements to it and we use slabs of marble and pieces of pottery to build up and enhance the display and we also garnish the station with fresh produce such as artichokes & asparagus bundles as well as whole French baguettes and boules.  The presentation is just stunning!

Magnolia Vine Events: I always love a Kathy G presentation! It is always a showstopper!

Kathy G & Co: We also aim to please our brides that want a ‘cleaner’ presentation for the look and feel of their reception.  Our Mini Plate Entrée station is a great example of a station perfect for this look.  It is an action station where chefs build the mini plates at the station and are served on white geometric plates that are displayed on tiered glass shelving.  At Kathy G & Co, we definitely love to create modern displays of food in individual vessels, spoons and glasses.  Our edible spoons (Sweet and savory) and our in-house made wonton cones & taco shells are also great vessels to achieve a clean look.  And still garnishing with fresh produce and micro greens make the presentation ‘clean’ and fresh.

Magnolia Vine Events: How can someone utilize the color of summer foods in their overall look?   The great thing about summer fresh foods, veggies and fruits in particular, is that they are vibrant in color and texture.  Tomatoes, watermelon, squash, zucchini, okra, and so on – they are a presentation of their own!  I wouldn’t worry about trying to choosing a menu that coordinates with particular colors of food.  Instead choose a menu based on your tastes and your caterer will work with you on making sure your menu is well balanced.  I think the overall look is achieved from how the food is presented – the types of serving platters, display pieces, and the presentation style that coordinate with the ‘look’ of the reception

Thank you SO much to Natalie with Kathy G. & Co. for sharing all her amazing knowledge with us!!


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