Today we are going to talk about the RSVP card. As a guest, it is critical you RSVP to your host. Not only for weddings, but casual get togethers, evites, graduation invites, birthday dinners/parties, showers, etc. This is a bit of a soapbox of mine so I will keep it brief 🙂 RSVPing is just polite. Someone has invited you tosomething and that host needs to know how many people to plan for. It is the right thing to do to offer this curtsey acknowledgement of an invitation to your host.

Now for weddings, there are MANY reasons to RSVP & to respond correctly. On your envelope of the invitation are the names of the people invited. If your children’s names are not list or it does not say “Mr & Mrs John Smith & Family” then do not bring your 1,000 kids with you. Remember, there many be many reasons for children to not be included–cost, venue,location, alcohol being served. On your response card, only respond with the number of guests that were invited. If 2 people were invited, don’t list 10 coming. Also, even if you cannot attend, do not “give away” your seats to someone else without getting consent from the bride & groom.


How to fill out your RSVP card. Typically they read like this one below:

Screenshot 2014-10-13 13.13.00

In the blank you will fill in your name, so for example “Ms. Samantha Jones” or “Mr. John Smith” or “Mr&Mrs. John Smith”

Then you will either put the number of guests next to the “accepts invitation” or “declines regretfully”.

I also love to write a quick note on the back to the bride & groom. It was fun receiving my RSVP cards in the mail and seeing what friends & family would write to us!

Then be sure to send back by the deadline. There is a deadline because the couple has to provide their caterer a headcount of guests.

Brides & Grooms, PLEASE include an RSVP card with your invitation. If you do not, you will do alot of guessing that could really blow your budget or cause logistics to not work. You need to know your headcount in advance.

With our in house graphic designer for Wedding.Swag by I Do I Do! we make sure all your paper suite items are carefully planned out! All of the cards you see here have been designed by our talented team member Katie!


Screenshot 2014-10-13 13.12.06


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