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Today we are going to share some of our favorite guest book ideas. Our clients are always asking for new ideas, different concepts, and just more personalized options. I am excited to share with you some of these to spark an idea for your wedding!

For Lizzie & Rod, we did a personalized globe that their guests signed. It spoke to their relationship as they had spent most of it long distance & we did a beautiful sign with bible verse to accompany it. It is now in their home for them to see everyday which I love!

Photo: Kelli & Daniel Taylor Photography

This is one of my new favorite ideas: an art coffee table book. My bride Sarah, who was the detail queen, got an art book about the city they met in. All their guests picked a page to sign and write messages. Now you have a beautiful coffee table book to style with but also have all their well wishes close by!

Photo: A Little Long Distance

Jennifer & Patrick were big travelers and that was our subtle theme of their wedding. We had travel touches everywhere. Patrick lived abroad for much of their relationship for work, and they had moved several times for work as well so it was only fitting. We did this great map for guests to sign that they later framed.

Photo: Stacy Richardson Photography

Artwork to hang in your home is a great option as well. My friend and bride, Kayla, had this made by one of our sorority sisters. All the guests signed it at their wedding & it now hangs in their entry way! Another great idea would be a watercolor of your wedding venue, or if you have a live painter that day, have the mat available for your guests to sign for when you have it framed!

Photo: Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

As you can see, it is all about how to personalize this to you & your couple story. Think about what your home needs, what decor would work in your home, & what you would like visually. We hope these ideas provided some inspiration!



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