Q&A Wednesday

How do you budget/ stay on budget?

Ah the budget. Our friend and foe right?! There are some great guidelines online for percentages, my personal favorite is Lauren’s from Every Little Detail. I think it is the most accurate. I do suggest not spending more than 35% on your venue, catering and alcohol. If you are reaching 40%, you need to re-evaluate the guest list. Floral needs to be 10%(on the low side) to 13% of your overall budget–don’t scrimp here–florals make the design come to life!

On average our clients spend $250-$350 per guest on their wedding. So if you have 200 guests X $250 that would give you $50,000 overall budget. One of the biggest concerns people have is managing the budget and staying in budget. Setting a really clear plan for your overall budget at the very beginning of planning is KEY to budgeting success.