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We hope these resources help you with the wedding planning process!

Premium Resources

The timeline workbook is perfect for the bride looking to create a comprehensive timeline for her wedding day. 16 pages full of advise, questions, templates, and examples of how to outline your very own wedding day timeline. Templates include a master timeline worksheet as well as friends & family timeline template as well. Your timeline can really be started from the very beginning of wedding planning so this workbook lets you fill in information as you have it! We suggest printing this out and adding to your wedding planning notebook or binder as well.

Wedding Planning really starts with budget planning. Budget and Guest list are the two things we tell our clients to work on first so we decided to make this wedding budget workbook just for you! We are sharing our top wedding budget tips, our suggestions for how to allocate your budget based on percentages across various categories, a sample wedding budget, your very own budget worksheet, tips on expenses you may not be expecting, and lastly a tip sheet with how to calculate the needed gratuity for your wedding day. It is our hope that this 13 page workbook helps you understand how to work through your own wedding budget!