Part 2 folks–here ya go!

Danny D’Armond from D’Armond Catering has some fun ideas for couples

Get to know your vendors. We always include them in our prior events, such as concerts or dinner. We want them to feel at ease with the vendors they choose.

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Kali with Crooked Tree Productions has some great suggestions to brides–and I swear I didn’t pay her for the first one!

1. Hire a planner…and not just a decorator…a planner. Someone who is there all day long, who has met with you several times before the day, knows where everyone/everything is and has all the logistics of the entire day handled and taken care of. Weddings without planners, more often than not, the photographers or the videographers end up coordinating as well. On days where there is a planner (again not just someone who can design an event hall but someone who is a logistics genius/badass) I have nothing to worry about expect to do my job. It is such less stress for me and I creatively can truly flourish when I’m not having to worry about things that I’m not getting paid enough to worry about. Also, having a logistical planner is SO much stress off of the couple. Normally its their first go around, let someone who is a pro run your day so you and your family can just enjoy it.

2. Make an effort to somehow connect your videographer and photographer ahead of time if they don’t already know each other/haven’t worked together before. Its important that the two separate teams come together as one cohesive unit…and when they do it makes the couples day so easy. Both vendors are trying to accomplish the same thing, and they should do all they can to work together vs compete or get in each others way. Videographers are always use to working with photographers, but its not the same the other way around. When photographer shopping, if you know you want a video as well, make sure who you hire respects and has no problem working with a videographer. (unfortunately there are some out there that truly think they are better/more important than the photographer) It can cause a lot of unnecessary tension on a wedding day for everyone involved if the photographer and videographer aren’t working well together.Styled-Shoot-Vendors-Day-Of-Vendor-Photos-0022-2-200x300

I love Happy Catering and Holly is such a great planning partner to us. I love her simple but important advice–EAT!

I would say having a time-line to go by is always really great. We always try to get all the details from the couple or planner to make sure that we don’t have to stress out the bride or anyone else with questions on the day of the wedding. And, we try to set up a little meal separately for the bride and groom before they enter the reception so they can have a moment together, alone to realize they’re married and grab a bite to eat, so they aren’t starving for the rest of the evening!

happy catering

I loved asking some of my frendors these questions and hearing what is important to them–it is great information as the planner and leader of the vendor team!