It is always interesting to me from another vendor’s prospective what a bride can do to make her day easier, less stressful, or an easier process when working with that particular vendor in their area of expertise. So I thought why not poll some of our great wedding vendors and ask them just that!


Our friends at Cotton + Clover Photography had several really great tips that I think you will find really helpful–these girls know their stuff:

Let your photographer know all the details of your day so they can capture every moment that is important to you. Especially if there are surprise moments!

Make a detailed schedule. Julie and I usually make one for our clients and stick to it! That way the bride and groom doesn’t  have to keep up with time and everyone else knows when to be where.

Make a family list for family portraits BEFORE the actual wedding day. Julie and I get with our clients either via email or phone call to organize family portraits. On the day of, we can usually knock out family portraits in 15-20 minutes (at the most) if we have that list.

Hire a coordinator….EVERY SINGLE TIME. We love keeping everyone on schedule but it limits us on what we are really hired to do. We don’t want to waste the bride and groom’s time by running around looking for people or things.

Consider a “First Look”….especially if you’re getting married later in the evening or in the winter.


(the girls of C+C–aren’t they the cutest?!)

Brides: make sure to teach someone how to bustle your gown. And bring a pair of back up shoes for your wedding day. Wedges are great for when you can’t handle those stilettos anymore or if you have to stand on soft ground.

If it’s hot: Brides- remember to blot your face for sweat…don’t rub your face! It will smear your makeup. And deodorant will be your best friend.

Grooms- bring a small hand towel to blot sweat of your face!

Trust your photographer! Pinterest is a wonderful resource, but hopefully you hired the photographer you have for their talent as well.


Photo Credit: Cotton + Clover

Haley from B&A Warehouse is always a dream to work with and she shared two great tips for brides in their planning:


Photo Credit: Colorbox Photography

Hire wedding professionals—we do this every weekend and things run smoothly when you just hire people to do the job for you! It allows everyone (family/friends, etc) to enjoy themselves throughout the evening!

Also, leave on Monday for your honeymoon! This will allow you to catch up on much needed sleep and enjoy the first day of being married instead of being stuck in an airport or traveling roadside.

Friday, I have three more awesome vendors who shared some great advice–I hope you learned something because I did!