If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, chances are rain is at the top of your list of worst case scenarios. Many of my clients have dreamed of a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception with (fingers crossed!) clear skies above. As a wedding planner, it’s my job to make sure that imperfect weather doesn’t stop you from having a perfect wedding day. Here are my tips for how to approach potential rain on your wedding day no matter where you are in wedding planning:

  • 6+ Months Out: Reference the Farmer’s Almanac to get an idea of how weather trends within the preferred time frame of your wedding to settle preliminary rain ideas or choose a wedding date. At this point, it’s best to plan with normally but keep an open mind to alterations to your concepts that mind be needed in case of rain.

Client Story: Danielle and Toby had a May wedding, a time of year that is a real toss up in the South! They set their minds on items they wanted to be outdoors and put up a note on their website stating: *Rain or shine the reception will be outside* We ended up tenting some elements of their wedding and risking it with others, like their dance floor.

  • 3-2 Months Out: Begin considering a rain plan. Consider what elements of your wedding may need to be covered by a tent/umbrellas or moved inside to avoid damage or inconvenience to guests. The most important thing is to find edits to your wedding design that will still allow you to love your Plan B as much as your Plan A. Many of my clients who have had rain still had an equally beautiful alternative!

Client Story: Laura and Scott’s ceremony was outdoors and uncovered. We took a risk here and got lucky because the rain held out just until the end. As they were walking out the back of the aisle, I had to come running with an umbrella ready!

  • 1 Month- 1 week Out: Don’t look at the forecast! You’re just close enough to see potential weather, but still far enough for it to change. This is your last few weeks before the wedding and I highly recommend my clients focus on taking it all in and enjoying the time with family and friends to come. If you’ve already got your Plan B ready to go, then you’ve done all you can at this point.

Client Story: With the week leading up to Maddie and Bryce’s wedding it was obvious we were going to need to call our rain plan. We used umbrellas to move guests to and from the pavilion and house at Aldridge Gardens for the ceremony. It all ended up coming together beautifully and we had a really fun reception even amidst the storms! We had several options when it came to rain plan, but because their guest count was doable in the house we felt this would be best for them and their guests.

If an outdoor wedding is important to you, your dream wedding can happen with just a little bit of extra planning and a flexible attitude! Plus, what’s more romantic than kissing in the rain?


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