Today we are talking about Pinterest, how to use it and manage your Pinterest dreams.

Ahh the land of Pinterest dreams–full of workouts we say were are going to do, perfectly planned and styled parties, outfits we dream of and of course wedding details to drool over. Friends, Pinterest can be an amazing tool if used correctly. As a wedding planner I am going to share with you my Pinterest tips and tricks and how to manage those expectations.

If you have been pinning every wedding pin your whole life, it is time to curate your board. We can’t have a beach, mountain, ballroom, barn, outdoor garden wedding–ya know what I mean–You just love it all so you pin it all. When you start showing this to your creative partners/vendors, they are going to be confused and not sure what it is you really want. So start to go through your wedding board and ask yourself “what do I like about this pin” Is it the dress? Venue? Photo look? Floral? Linen? A special detail? Start to make individual boards for the various wedding components.

Brings me to my next point, consider having more than one wedding board if you have many ideas for each area or section of your wedding. Having one wedding board is great if you can really curate the images. But if you are finding you don’t like scrolling through and seeing dress, with stationery, with linens, with centerpiece ideas and it is all kind of jumbled together, I suggest a board for each area. You can make a simple general wedding board of maybe your favorite element from each area like cake, stationery, dress, floral which will keep this really clean and fresh looking.

Don’t want the world to see all your ideas and thoughts? No problem! Make them secret boards. This will also segment them out on your profile which I think helps visually as well.

Lastly, if you have pinned all beach looks for your wedding day, but are getting married in the rustic, cold mountains we probably need to discuss your expectations. On Pinterest, a lot of what you may see is a styled shoot versus a real wedding. How to tell the difference? If the blog you are taken to shows, one table, only bride & groom, no guests and there is no real couple story there it is probably a styled shoot. There is nothing wrong with styled shoots–we personally love them for our creativity showcase. Just keep in mind there is a difference in being able to create one element for a shoot versus 20 tables with 200 guests with a seated meal, 5 toasts, and #allthethings. So if you love a vendors styled shoot be sure to look at their real client work as well.

Most of us have a budget of some kind—even if it is high there is still probably a limit at some point you want to only spend x on your wedding. Keep that in mind when you see a full floral hupah all tightly packed with roses and crystal chandeliers hanging in the center. Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration but remember that the grandest of looks comes with a price tag. We are just keepin’ it real for you today friends! Discuss your floral desires with your florist, designer and/or planner so you know what can be realistically created for your wedding day!

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