Hey, y’all! Today we’re talking about the number one wedding budget tip which will be sure to cut your budget! It’s probably not going to be the most popular answer, but it’s the most honest. You need to cut the guest list.

Last year, Americans spent about $35,000 on their wedding. We personally see couples spend about $250-350 per guest, averaging about 150 guests. We’ve seen clients that go below that and clients that go way above. I share this number with you just to give you an idea of what the scope of the budget might be looking like with your guests.

Keep in mind – number of guests doesn’t just impact the food and beverage budget. Adding extra guests means you will need more tables, more chairs, more linens, more centerpieces… it adds up after a while.

This isn’t a popular conversation to have, but your guest list may be inflated and it may be a good time to talk about what is realistic based on what you want to spend on your wedding based on what your budget can accommodate.

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