Hello, friends! In today’s video I am going to walk you through when you need to get your wedding vendors booked and in what order.

First up are what I call our heavy-hitters. We have a clients review all of their vendor options at once, but for those you need to meet with, we recommend starting with the following first:

  • Venue – getting that date locked in should be priority number one.
  • Planner – finding your trusted partner in this process early is key. They can help you with recommendations for the rest of your team.
  • Florist, Photography, Video, and Catering (if that isn’t included with your venue) are all next on my to do list.
  • Cake tastings are going to be next. YAY, you can taste cake! Best part of wedding planning.
  • Vendors you can probably book via email and/or phone and do not need to actually meet with are hair and makeup services, transportation, and hotel accommodations.
  • If you need lighting and draping, I suggest discussing that need with your planner and/or florist as part of your overall design.
  • Next up will be stationery. Don’t push off invitations too far into your planning, especially if you are looking at custom options.

Remember, this is all for your initial booking and you will probably meeting with some of these vendors two to three times throughout your planning process.

Hope y’all found this helpful today! For more of our getting started planning tips & advice, grab our getting started guide here!


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