Today over on YouTube we are chatting about what you need to do before meeting with your wedding vendors.

First, be familiar with the wedding vendors’ work & style. Before connecting with a vendor, be sure that you have at least looked at their general style and aesthetic. This is especially important for those visual vendors like photographers, videographers, florists, & decorators.

Have you done a budget analysis yet? Y’all know I talk about this ALL the time but do not start researching vendors until you have either done your budget homework or you have worked with your planner on your budget. You can watch some of our videos on budgeting here as well as grab our budget workbook if you have no idea where to start. There is no sense in wasting your precious research hours on vendors that are outside of your scope. Most vendors will at least list minimums or averages on their sites to give you an idea of if they work with your budget.

Have your questions ready ahead of time. Come prepared! It doesn’t need to feel like a round of 20 questions or an interrogation session, but each vendor will have different questions that you want to be sure you ask them. For most vendors, having your wedding date, locations of getting ready, ceremony & reception, as well as the bridal party & guest count will be super helpful. These numbers give us as vendors an idea of the scope of work that will be involved. And I am going to say it again, know your budget numbers going in and don’t be afraid to share those.

Following these guidelines will make your wedding planning process a little bit more smooth. See y’all next time!


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