Happy Tuesday friends!

Today is a special day for MVE–our online wedding planning workbooks are available! For about two years, I have been thinking, working on, researching, and writing these two workbooks(among more to come later!). The writing part was actually the easiest because these are things I do day in and day out: timelines and budgets. I felt like there is a real gap in the market for products with real, factual, accurate information for those planning weddings. Either you see extreme how to plan on a budget, or high end luxury out in the market right now. As I read blogs on various wedding website, and researched, I was shocked at how off the numbers were in terms of budgeting. Every market and region is different but there are some similarities when hiring real wedding pros for your wedding day. The budget workbook walks you through our suggested budget percentages for various categories, a tip sheet for gratuity, expenses that might sneak up on you or you might not be aware of, budgeting tips in general to get started, a payment tracker, and a blank worksheet to create your wedding budget in. Its some good stuff!





The timeline workbook I am equally as excited about because timelines are the bread and butter of a well run wedding day. Piecing one together can feel like a really daunting million piece puzzle so we are here to help! We have given you our best timeline tips, key things to keep in mind when deciding about your wedding day timing, our vendor confirmations worksheet, a sample & template for our master wedding timeline and friends & family timeline. We know you are going to LOVE this one!



You might be asking yourself, why would you sell these if this is the service you provide? There are lots of reasons! First, I am only one person with a limited capacity to work one on one with clients. We like to do between 24-28 weddings a year because we feel like that is the number we can manage and give our clients the BEST experience possible. There are alot more than 28 couples getting married a year in my area and beyond. I wanted a way to serve more people and get REAL information in their hands! I fully believe these workbooks can still be utilized if you have hired someone for wedding day management or coordination. They will love you for being so organized and prepared for when they step into the process. Secondly, did you know only about 20% of engaged couples use a wedding planner?! That means 80% of these other lovely engaged people are not working with someone and bad information might fall into their laps. These workbooks would allow that 80% to have great information to know what to expect in budgeting and how to pull their timeline together for their vendors on the big day. What a relief to them and may help them enjoy their wedding day even more with less stress and be more present.

I truly just want to help more people and these workbooks will do just that is my hope & dream. We are extending you blog readers a special discount code as a thank you for being readers and friends! Use “SAVE3” when you checkout to get these workbooks for under $19 each!

Thank you for your support friends as we embark on this new offering! We would love to help plan your upcoming wedding! We are available in Birmingham, Alabama and beyond!