Hey yall, today we are chatting about some best practices when working with a wedding planner. This is going to be a two video series just because we have so much to share with you!

Every planner is different and includes different things but most will give vendor referrals and recommendations. FOLLOW THEM. If the ones on the list aren’t your particular style or taste, ask for others. Trust me when I say a planner would rather give additional recommendations, than you hiring someone that should be avoided. My personal take is that we want you to have the best vendor team possible. Sometimes we have poor past experience, or know of issues with a vendor that we would want you to avoid yourself. Always ask first!

Next, if your planner sends you a welcome e-mail or videos, make sure you reference those first. Most planners add the best contact information and planning resources in those e-mails or videos.

Lastly, follow the process outlined by your planner. We provide a checklist to our clients based on their planning timeline. You wouldn’t want to order your invitations before you booked your venue. We know people get excited but following that checklist is super important to be sure things are done in the correct order. It’s never too early to do your research but be sure you are following the list given to you.

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