I am so excited for Laura & Jay’s wedding this weekend! These two have been so much fun to work with–Laura is so laid back and relaxed–such a dream bride! We are doing some really fun design elements for them which I can’t wait to share. But in the meantime I wanted to share with you their engagement story and their awesome vendor team we will be working with this weekend!

Venue: B&A Warehouse

Photographer: Rebecca Long Photography

Florist & Decor: HotHouse Design Studio

Entertainment: Nationwide Coverage

Cake: Barb’s Cakes for Bride and Groom’s Cakes

Photobooth: Colorbooth

Transportation: Rare Transportation and Steel City Executive

Dress: The White Room

Rehearsal Dinner: The Summit Club

Stationery Design: KW Design for I do, I do! and Annabelle’s

Calligrahpy: Christina Bunn

Laura and Jay’s Engagement Story:

How did you meet?

Any action we take in life has a chance to change our lives. The origin or our story began with a swipe that changed ours.

Our story began in the summer of 2011 when Laura made the move to Atlanta for a job and settled into the Virginia Highlands neighborhood. That very month, Jay moved to Suwanee, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta, to pursue an opportunity with Fleet Feet Sports. You can imagine, however, that in a metro area of over six-million people, our paths didn’t cross for a while. While our individual storylines were on their separate paths, little did we know that God was shifting those paths closer and closer together.

Fast forward to 2013, when Jay felt a calling to switch from Northpoint Community Church to Buckhead Church. Laura had been attending Buckhead Church regularly with an invitation from a friend’s parents. For over a year, we attended the same church (sometimes even the same service) and didn’t have a clue each other existed. But of course God did. And so he went to work, in a way we never saw coming.

In August of that year, both Laura and Jay ventured into the world of modern technology by using an app known as Tinder. In a digital conversation, we not only made a connection with some mutual friends, we found something else in common. We both had the same church home and lived about three miles from each other. As fate would have it, we set out to meet for the first time, at church. A natural place we found ourselves praying we didn’t do anything embarrassing while wondering if this was the time we “found the one”. Our first introduction was fun, but a little nerve wracking – Laura and her friend were late to church. Jay and his friend moved to sit next to them. Laura sat on Jay’s “bad hearing side”, but had no idea at the time he couldn’t hear anything she was saying. He just nodded mostly, hoping she wasn’t asking a question. We talked for a few minutes after the service and a week later, Jay called and asked Laura on a date.

What has been your favorite date together?

Definitely our third date where he took me to this really swanky/fun restaurant in Atlanta. His grand plan was to grab dessert to go, drive to the top of a MARTA parking garage, pop some champagne he had stowed away in a cooler in his trunk and watch fireworks from the Braves game. We had settled into his first class fold out chairs and were having a great time listening to tunes from his car radio when we suddenly realized a)there was no way we could see the fireworks and b)his car battery had died because we were listening to the radio. Stranded on the top of a MARTA parking deck we had to call his roommate to jump off his car. However, by that time I was already smitten by his thoughtfulness and effort and both of us were able to laugh at the interesting predicament we had found ourselves in.

What was the proposal story?

For months, Jay knew he was going to propose but had no idea how. Ideas from football jumbotrons to skydiving crossed into the early mental list. But if Jay’s parachute didn’t open while delivering the ring, it would be a little pointless, right? So he settled on something a little more conservative and probably much more meaningful.

The date was June 20, 2015, a Saturday in Atlanta. While plenty of behind-the-scenes actions were going on that day, Laura had no clue what was coming that night as Jay was leaving town the next day. It was setting up for the perfect surprise. Fighting through terrible traffic, even for Atlanta standards, Jay showed up at Laura’s apartment and broke the news we weren’t meeting friends for dinner as she thought, but there was something more important to do. With a poem read and a knee hitting the ground, it became official. Afterwards, Jay told Laura that dinner for two was in store at Empire State South, a restaurant in midtown Atlanta. Little did she know when they arrived that both families (traveling from seven states) had made the trip to Georgia to share an evening we’ll never forget and to celebrate the new chapter of our lives. It was one of the happiest days of our lives.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Anything outdoors! One of our favorite things is to go for a run on Saturday morning and then have brunch (with lots of coffee) after. We also love a good TV series and easily get sucked into all things on Netflix. It’s all about balance, right?

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Marrying each other! And being able to share this special day with the people we care the most about. We are so blessed!

Engagement Photography Credit: Sarah Kohut Photography