I cannot believe we are here–it is LAUNCH DAY! Enter all the dancing emojis, champagne bottles, and sweet treats to celebrate. This has been a labor of love with an incredible team I am so grateful for. Ginny Krauss has been my brand strategist, my sounding board, my friend, my cheerleader….she is just #allthethings. Jess Freeman with Jess Creatives has been my designer for some time now, but she really stepped into my brand and was helping me develop it further with our website and graphics. She constantly deals with my requests and my lack of design knowledge and just makes it all happen.

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Jess, Ginny & I tossed around the idea of a name change for a while. I was hesitant because I purchased this company. I spent all those hard earned dollars for what then? I do, I do! Wedding Planning has always had a strong reputation because of the longevity of the company which is one of the many reasons I decided to purchase a business rather than start my own. However, it has never truly felt like mine. It has never truly reflected all of me, my heart & what I truly feel myself & now Kendal are all about. For a while I had been feeling disconnect with the core of my brand, and my mission not only as a business owner but as a person. Why was I here? What is my purpose?  I know now my personal mission in life is to serve those in the engagement season of life with love, understanding, friendship, and good & accurate information to help them plan their wedding which begins the start of their marriage journey.

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When we started tossing around names, Kendal & I agreed on one instantly. Magnolia Vine Events.

It sounded ethereal, magical, southern, sweet but most importantly it reflected my heart. Magnolias are one of my all time most fave flowers and if we’re being honest the leaves are really what do it for me. Gimme all the magnolia leaves. Nothing is more southern than the smell of Magnolias from a front porch. It just makes me smile just thinking about it. Vine–vine is really about many things. Vines grow, and continue through almost anything. They are strong & harty.

But really one of my most favorite bible verses that I think explains the relationship of marriage so well: “ I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me, and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:5. While that is the metaphor for our relationship with God, I believe that speaks to marriage as well. Apart from Lee (my cutie husband if you are new here), I am nothing. Not because my self worth comes from our relationship, but because without him I loose my rock, my strength, my safe place, and most of the time my voice of reason because he is logical and I am his crazy creative, dreamer wife. All you entrepreneurs know what I am talking about–we need someone to bring us back to Earth. We are so much better together & our life bears fruit when we remain working together. So much good happens when we are together. So with these two words we both loved, Kendal & I, along with Ginny & Jess’s encouragement, we decided to take the leap.

It has been challenging, scary, and more work than I remembered from when we rebranded four years ago. But I have grown up, the business has grown up in terms of what we offer, the level of service we deliver, and the type of client we have. We live in an age where people are brand savvy and before I felt like I was always just missing the mark with the brand before. With Magnolia Vine Events, I am in love with every single piece of work we (by we I mean Jess) have designed. Legit every single item I could not be more in love with.

It is a beautiful time engagement season. Our goal with Magnolia Vine Events is to be able to offer more to our clients, readers, and friends to help them through that season. My hope is that our planning library helps you through getting things checked off your list (I love nothing more than checking off a to do list) & being armed with the best information possible while planning your wedding. With Magnolia Vine, we will be able to offer you so much more than I was before and in ONE PLACE–look that deserves all the praise hands because if I have to remember one more password….ya feel me right?!  We serve so many people: clients with our in person service, readers & friends from afar looking for wedding planning information & help, and wedding business owners who are looking for mentorship & help in their business. I know have my dream brand, where all of that can happen in one place!

Through this brand process we have uncovered many things:

  • I was reminded of the clients we love to work with: the busy professional who trusts our opinion, doesn’t micromanage us, & trusts our recommendations & suggestions.
  • Our clients love personalized details, and making sure the guest experience is one that is talked about as well as a reflection of their personalities.
  • I learned my aesthetic is actually softer and more romantic than I thought. I love those looks for weddings as well.
  • Luxury doesn’t have to feel wrong or too much. It is ok for things to be luxurious but our clients tend to choose certain elements to invest in, and others may not be as focused on which is ok. Every element cannot be the most important.
  • I also realized it has been some time since our processes, questionnaires, and documents got a look at. This branding process has allowed me the space to evaluate some practices & make some improvements so our clients continue to have the best experience possible.

All in all, I have a renewed excitement for this business, my team, and what is to come for these ladies & myself. I can’t thank all that have been my sounding boards, visionaries, and just true anchors through this process. I hope you will stay tuned for what is to come. So click around the site, give it a whirl, sign up for our planning library & let me know what you think friends!!

All my love,


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