Happy blog day friends! Today we’re chatting all things wedding photography & video. At the end of the day, photos and video are the only thing you have when the whole wedding is said and done. As a wedding planner, we recommend that clients get the best photographer & videographer they can in their budget. These are your first family heirlooms together, the pictures your children and grandchildren will look at and ask you about. I don’t know about you but I still love going through my parents wedding album and have them tell me the stories of their wedding day even though I have heard them about a million times (they’ve been married 35 years this year! #goals right?!).

To be sure you hire the right photographer for you though we want you be armed with the right information & knowledge to find that person. Like with any other vendor, I recommend reading reviews. This will give you insight as to what it was like to work with that photographer and the experience those clients had.

Look at various styles to see what you are drawn to. Currently what is very trendy might not be in 20 years–is the person’s work what is on trend or will it stand the test of time?

Read their website–do you connect with the images? Language? Message? The person who spends more time with you on your wedding day other than your future spouse, and wedding planner is your video/photo team. They are all kinds of up in your grill so you want to like these people.

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Thanks for reading today friends–be sure to come back Thursday for our video interview with Alex & Sara Lucas with AL Weddings to share their photog insider knowledge!



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