June 2016 goals

Hey #goaldigger! It is half way through the year! How did that happen?! I must admit last month the last thing I wanted to do was do my powersheets. I was feeling down, and just really couldn’t get any clarity. As many of you know I normally take the first day of the month to tackle lots of business work, and it is normally the day I do my powersheets. I actually looked forward to breaking them out and reflecting on my goals for 2016. I am excited to share with you my June goals–keep me accountable ok?! Ask me how its going and share your goals with us here and on Instagram!

  1. Carve out 2 hours a week to work ON my business. I tend to get caught up in the client work, emails(all the emails), meetings, etc. and that leaves little time to work on the biz. I want to be sure I make time for that as that is only how we are going to get better–and not go insane.
  2. Clean out 1 room in our house–eek, I am kind of a hoarder but we need to do some purging!
  3. 1 home improvement project off the list–we have a home project list going, so this month it will be painting our kitchen and hall! Paint party anyone?! 😉
  4. Complete the 21 day fix–I am on a healthy living journey, and I am going to do the 21 day fix June 9th-June 30th! #summerbodcominforya

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