With all the changes in the world thanks to COVID19, our industry is going to change as well and we want to be sure we can still serve clients who are desiring a wedding & celebration but perhaps in a different way, so enter Intimate Weddings by MVE! This new service will be offered by our planners to help clients who are planning smaller weddings, looking for a more personalized guest experience, and a unique wedding day. Our gathering practices will change because of Coronavirus but celebrations, & marriages won’t stop. You still are able to celebrate with your nearest and dearest this very excited moment in your life. 

Who is the Intimate Wedding Planning Service for?

This is for the couple that is looking to celebrate their marriage with 50 or less guests. They feel confident in the majority of planning, but desire the guidance of a professional along the way and to execute the wedding day. 

This is ideal for the couple who is looking to give their guests a very personalized experience, spend time with each of their guests, and be able to invest in their priorities for their wedding day as they wish by not being constrained by a guest count. 

How is this different from your other services?

This is a great question! Our intimate wedding package requires a lower guest count, 50 people or less, a limited number of vendors, and has a lower number of meetings. You still receive your guidance over your planning period. Our other packages are to serve clients where the number of vendors to manage is higher thus increasing the logistics management, larger guest counts which can mean more work when it comes to seating and meal tracking, as well as our involvement in the design process. One of our other larger packages could be needed for a couple still planning a smaller affair as they may need more assistance in logistics and design. Our consultation will help us know which direction works best for you!

Does this mean I shouldn’t be planning my large guest count wedding?

No! I believe both types of weddings will still be possible in our post-COVID19 events world. I do think people will be more aware of the number of people gathering, plus we could have restrictions on that from our government. Our vision for creating this service was really because people were asking, and we want to help. We still have clients planning for their larger events later this year and into 2021. The reality of our economy changing can also affect what people are able to afford. A lower guest count means you can still have a lovely wedding but it can be less of an investment just due to size.

We are thinking of planning more weekend events, or even a destination wedding now with a smaller group. Would this be considered an intimate wedding with MVE?

It will really depend on what your needs are which we can discuss in your consultation BUT the short answer is we can certainly add on other weekend events to your intimate wedding weekend like welcome parties, daytime activities, and after wedding brunch.

You can read more about this service here. If it sounds like something you and your partner would be interested in learning more about, please contact us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options!