Hey y’all! We are starting a new blog series called “Ask I Do I Do!” for Tip Tuesdays. We will answer your wedding related questions & hopefully you will get some great tips for wedding planning, wedding day and beyond.

On our facebook page, Slyvia asked: “What’s up with wedding insurance? I only need liability insurance for my daughter’s venue in order to have beer and wine. But then there’s WedSafe and Traveler’s and then there’s local agencies. Is it for real or are these scams?”

First, thanks for the question Slyvia! Venues should have their own liability insurance so double check on that. If you are the one providing the alcohol then the venue may require you to have it. WedSafe & Traveler’s are reputable. We generally don’t see people get wedding insurance but if you are concerned about unreliable vendors, extreme weather or concern about having to cancel or postpone beyond your control you may want to consider it.

Personally, I feel my job as a wedding planner is to refer you to great vendors who we know will do their job and do it well. If you are working with well qualified vendors & venue, then you should be in good shape. However if it makes you sleep better, then get it! There is enough stress that comes with planning a wedding so if having wedding insurance eases some of that then yes get it. I would highly recommend it if you are having a destination wedding along with travelers insurance.

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