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Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a beautiful spring day wherever you are. I am recovering from the flu (who gets the flu in April?!) and as a work from the infirmary my bed, I am all over pinterest! Do you love Pinterest? I do! I find amazing stuff on there–from biz ideas, blogs, hacks I never knew existed, outfits I must have, recipes that look amazing and crafts I am convinced I can make. I also love it for wedding ideas. Pinterest is my go to when we start a design guide for a client. I find when I ask clients to view their Pinterest wedding board they really struggle however. There tends to be old pins that don’t really fit their vision anymore or ideas that wouldn’t work in their current venue. So we are here to help you currate your Pinterest board with a few quick tips!

  1. Delete the old. Delete old pins that you don’t care for anymore or that don’t really fit your reality. If you want to keep those pins, start a new pin board for the big day and keep the old pins.
  2. Decide on a color scheme. Now that you are actually engaged and planning, pick a true color scheme and pin accordingly. Again this will streamline the overall board and make it visually easier to view. Your eye won’t be going all over the place and you will be able to focus.
  3. Comments. On your pins, be sure to delete the comment of the person who pinned it and add your own. This way if it is a shared board, those you are sharing with will know what you specifically liked about a picture or when you go back to it you can remember what you actually liked about it.

As a wedding planner, we love all the pretty that’s on pinterest. We can’t get enough. So hop on over and follow us here! We would love to follow you back.

What do you love Pinterest for?