So you met the love of your life, got the ring, and now it’s time to plan one killer wedding! You need a great vendor team to make that happen. Selecting vendors is a little bit like dating again(I know we’re sorry, and there’s no tinder app for this). Below, we have listed the big things when considering wedding vendors and putting your vendor team together.

    • First, you need to search the vendors in the area and we can help you do that! We know vendors that will be perfect for you and your ideal wedding day. There are many vendors to choose from and before hiring a specific vendor you need to search your options.
    • Next, make sure you have your vision of what you want- photography, floral, lighting, decor, DJ/Band, etc. We can help you decide on the perfect style for your wedding and help create each vision you have for your wedding.
    •  Inquire with each vendor you think will reflect your vision of your day. Don’t be afraid to inquire with multiple vendors. Keep your options open! I normally suggest meeting with no more than 3 vendors per category as it can get overwhelming. 
    • Before interviewing with the vendors, the most important things to discuss are your wedding date,  your budget, and your style. 
    • After you have decided on the style for your wedding, send a few snaps to each vendor of pictures that inspire you!  It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want, but show them ideas you have and envision to see at your wedding. Email multiple photos. One may be colors you love, while another will have the theme you envision! They want to see your ideas.
    • After comparing and shopping for each specific vendor, it’s time to narrow down your options. Make sure you ask all the questions you need to know before signing any contracts. Discuss every detail- their hours, their fees, your venue, your style! They need to know everything and so do you.

*Helpful Hint*

Ask for references of each vendor. If you have a recommendation of someone you trust, even better! Also, verify that potential vendors have business licenses, and liability insurance. This is critical to protect you from a potential disaster.


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