Today we are going to talk about your wedding budget priorities and how to determine them.

Ultimately what is most important is to remember that we can’t have #allthethings. It’s great to get inspiration from Pinterest, but you and your fiance are going to have to sit down and determine what is most important to you both. Sit down together with a glass of wine and a pen and paper and both determine what your top three priorities are. These might be food, bar, entertainment, floral, venue, etc.

If you end up with different priorities, that’s fine. But more than likely you have at least one that overlaps. That one will go straight to the top of your list. The most important part of this process is to determine your priorities together and then create your budget from there.

Keep your priority list in your wedding planner or binder, taped to your fridge, by your computer, or wherever you’ll be most apt to see it. That way, your priorities will always be front and center during the planning process!


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