Hey, friends! Today we’re going to chat about how to determine your total wedding budget number. Not how to physically make a budget spreadsheet or something similar, but how you arrive at the number that you need to execute the wedding that you want.

The average wedding last year in the United States cost $35,000 and had an average of 150 guests. If you divide $35,000 by 150 guests, that equals $233 per guest. This is why it’s so important to start with a preliminary guest list before you start anything else!

Here’s how to make your wedding budget number (using the average we talked about above as a starting point):

If you’ve already had your wedding guest list conversation, take that number and multiply it by 233. This will give you your total wedding budget. If you arrive at a number that you don’t have the funds for, you’re going to have to decide if you will make concessions for the overall wedding so you can still invite the same number of people or do you need to re-evaluate your guest list and trim it down.

That’s exactly how we recommend starting your wedding budget! Be sure to check out my other wedding budget videos here and our wedding budget workbook here.


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