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It is video day here on the blog! Today on MVE TV we are chatting about why you need a wedding planner!

Sometimes I hear, why would someone need a wedding planner? Or can’t I just do all of that on my own? Well I am here to tell you why you need to hire a wedding planner! I find most of our clients are busy professionals. They just simply don’t have all the time that is needed to research, set up meetings, vet vendors, pull ideas together, and execute them the way they would like. That’s why they call in us to do all of that for them. This allows clients to enjoy the engagement season and being a bride. Yes you will still have choices to make, yes there will still be things for you to do but hopefully your planner is there to take the heavy lifting off of you.

For some, Wedding Day Management is enough of a service because they have a little more time to devote to planning but want to be sure someone is going to be there on wedding day to make it all happen. This is a once in a lifetime day–the only time where all these special people from different walks of your life will be together, so you should get to enjoy it right?! Hiring a planner will let you do that.

Wedding Planners can help you from making costly mistakes saving you time and money.

There is alot of paperwork to keep up with during the planning process and your wedding planner will keep up with that, as well as deadlines and payment dates. Towards the end, it gets to be alot!

I maintain that every bride needs a non emotionally involved third party. Sometimes I play advocate, referee, peace maker, and family therapist. There are ALOT of emotions at play when it comes to a wedding between many people and navigating those while having to make decisions, especially ones that involve money, can be hard. Your planner is there to help you navigate those waters.

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