A Guest Blog Post from Our Friends at Savoie Catering

Who are the faces behind Savoie Catering? Richard Bishop, Chef and Owner, has over thirty years of experience in the Birmingham restaurant, hotel, and catering businesses. When you choose Savoie, you can be sure that your order will meet Richard’s high standards. As General Manager, Nico Berg brings creativity, sophistication, and energy to the Savoie Team. With an eye for design, a palate for perfection, and the skills to make her client’s visions come true, Nico continues to exceed everyone’s expectations with her dedication.

Savoie did this pancake cake for Kaitlin & John’s brunch wedding, which we planned! Photo by Photos by Heart

What is our process? When a client approaches us for a proposal, it is usually by phone or email. Our wonderful Office Manager, Kellie Painter, is typically the voice on the other line. When you contact Savoie, we take pride in getting to know you. We ask a series of questions ranging from guest count, who is attending the event, what your favorite foods and restaurants are, and more to help us understand your interests. We then build a menu based around that information. Seasonal and fresh ingredients play a huge role in our craft. Richard does an amazing job staying in touch with trending items but also keeping it classy with traditional techniques – both are important tools to curate.

Ten years ago, Birmingham was a well kept secret. You had to know someone here to know where to go and what to experience. Now, it is a destination! We live in a world where food and beverage is a major part of why people come to our Magic City, so many of our clients want to represent that when building a menu.

Photo by 2B Photography

If you contact us for an event, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First off, don’t sweat the small stuff! Many of these details can be edited and tweaked along the way. A general understanding of the event, from how many hours to the overall theme, is all we need. Some of our clients get overwhelmed by the small details, which is normal!

When building the proposal, the budget plays a huge role. Knowing how much you want to spend on food and services can save you a ton of time, and part of our job is making sure that you stay within that budget. Another important point is determining your likes and dislikes. You don’t have to know exactly what you want on the menu at first, but when talking to a caterer, having these preferences handy helps tremendously!

Photo by Be Light Photography

The fellowship of food moves us. Sharing a meal is such an important part of the human experience – we use it to celebrate life accomplishments, as a way to relax, and definitely as a tool to bring people together. What better way to reflect all of these things than working in catering? Savoie is a local small business that does BIG things, and we look forward to many more events filled with delicious food and exceptional service – it’s what we love to do!

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