Holy Forking Shirts people {reference to The Good Place, if you haven’t watched yet, you should and now you have time to watch it!}.

Your question is where do I even begin if I am postponing my wedding?

Feels like planning all over again right? We know this is difficult, sad, scary, upsetting, and all around sucks. The vendors we have personally interacted with, and are managing reschedules with have been kind, giving and gracious to their couples.

Here is how I have navigated this for clients:
1. Venues: What dates do your venues have available? Compare calendars to pick some ideal dates.
2. Next, it is time to contact your vendor team. Everyone who is providing a service for you on wedding date needs to be contacted. They will need to know that your current event date is being postponed, and you tentatively have the following dates(give them 2-3) you are considering. Ask for their availability for those as soon as possible. You could also create a doodle poll for vendors to complete which would make your life easier in gathering the information.
3. You will need to compile who is available when. Realize your whole vendor team may not be available on the new date. Depending on if it is a vendor that is a top priority for you, then you may need to make your decision based off of that.
4. Once you have decided your new date, communicate to your vendors immediately. You can expect amended contracts with the new date to sign so all paperwork is correct. You may have vendors that cannot accommodate the new date–they may or may not be able to refund you at this point. Please understand this isn’t to make your life difficult, to be insensitive, or sneaky. What they were paid for your current date was the income they were counting on coming in & have no way to recoup those funds. Your vendors may stick to their cancellation policies in their contracts, please be prepared for that.
5. Your next steps will be communicating this to your guests. I would let ALL guests know that there will be a postponement. You can follow this up later with a new save the date & invitation, which we would recommend for accuracy sake of RSVPs. But for now just communicating the postponement via email, text, call works. Split the list up between your fiance’s family, your family, and your friends and family and everyone can divide and conquer!
*If you have a planner, let your planner do the majority of the communication with your vendor team. This ship needs a captain and if you have a good, professional planner, let he or she be that for you.
BONUS: if your wedding date is not expected to be affected by COVID-19 but you are waiting on your wedding dress to arrive, PLEASE contact your store immediately. We will see delivery delays.
These are unprecedented times my friends. Let’s show each other kindness, respect, & love all from a safe distance 😉