Happy Thursday y’all! Today is a video day! We are chatting all things wedding day timeline today over on I do, I do! TV. Click below to watch the show!

5 top things to pay attention to when making your wedding day timeline:

  1. The number of people getting hair and makeup done. This number will determine when you need to start the H&MU process. Do not let your maids drag their feet in deciding if they are getting this service if you are not already providing it for them. I would suggest having this number 3 months before wedding date at the very latest.
  2. Ceremony time—Seems like a no brainer but if you have 12 bridesmaids that all need hair and makeup but you want a 2pm wedding, get ready for an EARLY wakeup call.  
  3. To first look or not to first look? There are pros and cons to both and you and your fiance should really discuss what is best for you as a couple–don’t let your planner, photographer, videographer, friend, rando person on the street tell you otherwise. If it is something you feel convicted about, and you are working with pros they will make it work in their timeline. Not doing a first look does have some extra logistical matters to consider but is totally normal and doable. Just discuss with your fiance and go from there.
  4. Venue rental time—be sure to have the number of hours you have your venue for in your contract, written down, brought to you by harry potter owl–whatever. You need this number to determine if you will be able to get ready at your venue, and then the total length of ceremony & reception including dinner time. I think a 3.5 hour reception is plenty and let’s you leave on a high note rather than with the 15 guests who have stuck it out til the bitter end. Personally I never understand this, I am not one to leave a party early–so we want to send you off with a bang!
  5. Load out time for your vendors–does your venue rental time include the time that your vendors need to be out by? If you have elaborate lighting, and draping, and rentals, and #allthethings it is going to take us a while to break that down, does the venue factor that into your rental time or is that load out time additional? Important question to ask your venue contact.


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