Hey #goaldiggers! So 2017 is about 6 weeks in. Anyone else feel behind for some reason? (raises hand) I am trying to remind myself that literally there has been 6 weeks of the year and I just need to readjust my course to get back on track. Also giving myself alot of grace seems to be the theme to this year. So I wanted to share what worked last month, what didn’t and what goals I have set for Feb!

January recap:

Monthly goals:

  • Take down christmas stuff–check!
  • Complete house projects-check!
  • Photo shoot for new project–didn’t happen
  • Write Jan content-check!
  • Start a sales course-check!

Weekly goals:

  • Workout 4x a week-I never hit the 4 days a week. I normally can get to 3. I need to make this a bigger priority.
  • Meal prep-check!
  • Budget check in-check!
  • Date night-we got a date night in two weeks or the four
  • Calendar meeting with Lee-we did this twice as well

Daily goals:

  • Read–Did I read every day? No. Did I read more than I have been? Yes. so win!
  • Pause- didn’t happen every day but I am much more aware I need this
  • Downtime-didn’t happen every day but I am much more aware I need this

February Goals!

Monthly Goals:

  • Mail cards to 3 people
  • Sales goal
  • Photo shoot for project(moved over from Jan)
  • Strategic plan for volunteer work
  • Connect with some wedding pros

Weekly goals:

  • Date night
  • Workout 4x a week
  • Budget plan
  • Meal plan

Daily Goals:

  • Read
  • Drink 64oz of water
  • Pick up every night

So let’s hear it what are your Feb goals?