Yay–you are engaged! Congrats! If you are newly engaged, you are probably walking around like a deer in headlights—am I right? It is exciting, fun and totally overwhelming because you got engaged five minutes ago and people are already asking you what your wedding date is. You know its true 🙂 Our brides hire us in various stages of their wedding planning process: right at the beginning, after they have booked a few vendors and feel overwhelmed, in the middle or at the very end. I wanted to share my top tips for the first few things you should do when you get engaged.

NUMBER ONE: Set a budget. For the love of Pete, set a budget. I know this isn’t a fun conversation but whether one set of parents are paying, both, or you and your fiancé, you need to know how much you are going to spend. It makes it very difficult to make your guest list, refer you to vendors or know the direction you are going in without a budget. Have the budget conversation with some wine—it might help 😉

Be on the look out for our next 3 tips coming to ya in the coming weeks.