Hello Loves!

I hope you are having a great day–it is finally spring like here and we are loving this warmer weather. Today I wanted to share some tips and ideas around DIY projects. We are often asked when brides should DIY themselves and for ideas on various projects. Now, I love a craft like the next person wanna-be Martha Stewart. But you want to be sure you are not taking on more than you can handle with all the other craziness that comes with planning a wedding. Here are my tips & ideas on DIY projects!


  1. Limit the number of projects you plan on tackling. I suggest doing three at most. This is because more than that you will be pulling you hair out, and acting all T-Swift a la Blank Spaces. Most brides tell us that more than three projects was too overwhelming and that they wish they hadn’t taken on as much.
  2. Do not try to complete projects the week of your wedding. You will have friends & family arriving that week and you will want to visit with them not be a slave to your glue gun bedazzling. Aim to get your projects done a month before the big day, so then you have a little grace period if needed.
  3. Enlist help. Set up an assembly line, grab some snacks & wine(that will get them there), and gather up those ‘maids, mom, mother-in-law, sister, and any other sweet friend innocent by-stander, and have a craft night! Now, when enlisting help, be sure you give everyone a project that you aren’t going to be Type A about like tying ribbons or assembly of a favor if you have already done the decorative part. This will prevent you from feeling like you have to go back behind everyone. Getting friends together to help is a great way to spend time together and knock out some wedding to-do’s.


  1. Wedding Favors. Wedding favors are an easy DIY project and a fun way to infuse your and your fiance’s personalities. I find favors that are food are the ones that are the most popular. Here are some cute ideas from Real Simple.


2. Table Numbers. I love creative table numbers. Some fun ideas are using maps of places you have traveled and naming the tables after your favorite spots, names of your favorite movies, or even book titles like this idea from weddingchicks.com1014

3. Signage. Having signs at weddings is a very popular trend right now. Bar signs, buffet tags, directional signs are all fun ideas. It is a great way to continue the branding of your event. Here is a DIY tutorial from weddingchicks.com.


Please promise me you won’t DIY your cake, bouquet or your music a la an iPod. Leave the big stuff to the pros. You will thank me later!

So what are your favorite DIY projects? What have you DIY’d for your wedding


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