What is the difference between a wedding designer, florist and decorator & the questions you need to be asking!

Many times potential clients & clients get confused and overwhelmed by the number of terms people use to describe their professions & then the lines get blurred as to who is doing what. Today we’re going to chat about what all these people do & the questions you need to be asking.

Designer: A designer, specifically wedding designer, might also be a planner, and/or florist. Typically a designer is overseeing the entire overall look & vision for the wedding. Think interior designer for weddings. They will source all the the rental items you need for your event to ensure the continuity of your event. They may charge for those rental items under their own company or send the invoices directly from the various sub contractors. They may also have their own production staff for set up and break down depending on if they are responsible for the rental items or the independent contractors.

Florists: A florist is going to handle all things floral of course! Their main focus is going to be the design and look of your flowers. However they will probably ask you questions like about bridesmaids dresses, if you have linens chosen, and maybe your stationery choices to see the overall vision of the event. A florist might offer design services as well.

Decorator: This is a term I hear sometimes when people are inquiring about our services. Typically people are looking for a decorator or stylist when they have purchased the items themselves for their event like signage, centerpieces, linens and other decorative items but don’t want themselves or family and friends to be responsible for physically putting the items out. This may be something your florist or planner is willing to do for you as well so be sure to discuss with them the clear expectations of who will be doing what on the day of.

I hope this helps break down these terms for you. Now that you know what these various roles can be, I wanted to share with you some important questions to ask your florist while you are working to book your vendor team. As your wedding planner, we know these questions and what to look for but if you are booking vendors on your own, this will help!

You can find all of our florist questions here! Remember this doesn’t have to be an interrogation style tactic to get these questions answered but be sure they are covered in your consultation, proposal and/or contract to ensure the services you need & want will be met.

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