This is my love letter to wedding guests. Let me first say….I love wedding guests. It is really fun to see all of our couples friends & family come together & meet the people that are so important to them. But after 130+ weddings, I have learned what makes a great wedding guest & what makes a terrible one. So as it is wedding season, & you may find yourself as a wedding guest, take note, be gracious, & watch how much you drink 😉

Dear wedding guest,

Hi, my name is Ashley & I am a wedding planner. Today I wanted to share ways you can make your friend’s wedding day easier, smoother, & all around how to be a great wedding guest.

    • Please do not show up drunk to the ceremony. This normally never results in anything great. Save the fun for the reception to ensure you can make it the whole time, & we don’t have to remove you from the venue.
    • Ladies, do not wear white. AGAIN DO NOT WEAR WHITE TO A WEDDING. Unless it is specified the couple requests you to wear white–DO NOT WEAR WHITE. Yes, I see this at every wedding.
    • Please fill out your RSVP card. Correctly. The line where it has an M________________That is where you will fill in your & your spouse/guest’s name. If two names were listed on your invitation, then only those 2 people are invited. Please don’t write in 5 extra names for people who were not invited. When it says INITIAL by your entree selection, please do so. Writing 1 or a check mark does not indicate who ordered what and you are making more work for the couple for them to chase you down. Also send it on time to ensure the couple can meet all their deadlines with their vendors and have time to figure out seating arrangements.
    • If your friends are lucky enough to have a planner, then let them handle the timeline, issues, questions, etc. Asking the vendors repeatedly when something is happening, or to solve an issue that they are probably already on only takes time away from them handling said situation. Or trying to solve them for the client is so sweet of you, but many times one change affects all vendors which could be 8-12 people on site. If you have questions or see something, direct that to the maid of honor and let her be the communicator. The professional is probably already familiar with her and can work with them.
    • Be aware of how much you are drinking. It easy when it is free flowing to not have any idea how much you are really consuming, but don’t be the reason the bar gets shut down. Have fun, break out those dance moves, and hold it together lol.
    • Screaming, yelling, hitting on, or being disrespectful in anyway to a vendor while they are WORKING is not ok. You have to remember you are at a social event, we are at work and doing a job. Men acting unbecoming towards female vendors is something I either see or experience every weekend. It isn’t cute, and isn’t going to get you anywhere that is for sure. Something you also may not know is that vendor probably has an abuse clause in their contract so they can leave if they are experiencing that and you are risking your friends wedding by your rude behavior.

Wedding guests, we love you. We really do–you are the backbone of the people we have been working with. They love you. These are just a few things to keep in mind the next time you are a wedding guest 😉


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