So a question myself and my studio friends have gotten is why did you start this studio? Do you only refer each other? How does this whole thing work?

I love telling the Create story and how this came to be. Basically about two years ago CeCe with CeCe Designs and I were talking about getting a space together because we were both needing new meeting space and she was needing work space as well. At the time we got to know Jared with OSP, and he was outgrowing his space and was in need as well. We were all working together regularly anyways and felt this would be a great partnership. The space we found had two additional offices and it worked out that AL Weddings & Cakes by Kim joined us as well.

In reality the space really started because we all just needed more space for our own businesses and let’s be real–biz ownership is a lonely world so how fun to have people you like down the hall!

Something we all get asked or hear often is that we only refer each other because we are in the studio. That actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. While we all love working together, because who doesn’t love working with their friends, but guess what?! In our market we are so blessed with amazing, talented wedding professionals and you know what we are all not the fit for every client–as a planner, I fully believe that personality, budget, style & taste are critical when referring our clients to other professionals. It is like playing match maker for each of our clients and not everyone in our studio is the right fit for every client. The reality is that every one of our studio partners might not be the best fit for every bride. We have actually only done two weddings where the entire studio was apart of it in the year and half we have been open. Our vendor referral list is full of other wedding professionals we love and adore & are amazing at their craft. Vendors we refer are mainly because they do great work and working with them is effortless. The reality is other vendors who are not in a collaborative space like we are—are in fact referring the same vendors in a similar fashion that we do–they just don’t share a building space. This is normal in the wedding industry–people find their people, their Christina to their Meredith if you are a Greys Anatomy fan. It is natural in a creative industry to find people that think, work, and share the same ideal client as you do so naturally you refer those vendors business.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our studio space and how it all works!