Can we please talk about how cool these engagement photos are?!? Stephen’s dad has the hook up with some really cool cars so they featured one in their engagement photos! Thanks to AL Weddings for the amazing photos and we cannot wait for our first Create Studio Couple to tie the knot! Cheryl & Stephen are two of the coolest, nicest, most genuine people I have ever met and they will be lifelong friends of ours! I love their story below and hope you enjoy!

Cheryl & Stephen

How did you meet?

We meet in 2010 at Stephen’s nutrition store in Louisiana. I wondering in one day looking for nutritional advice and a competition trainer. We started out as friends and soon realized we had an undeniable chemistry even though we had completely different backgrounds.. We took things very slowly which really allowed us to build a strong foundation.  That has lead into a strong, passionate, loving, caring, unselfish relationship that will stand the test of time.

What has been your favorite date together?

One of our favorite dates was going to a Lebanese restaurant in uptown New Orleans (when we lived there), sitting outside talking and getting to know each other over wine and great food. That was our most enjoyable frequent date. We have had a lot of extremely fun and memorable dates such as spending the day with a couple who built speed boats and we did a poker run with them. We had some amazing dates at the beach that really had an impact on our relationship in the early stages. Its very hard to pick our favorite when every date has been so great, but i must say the night we got engaged was the best!!! Live music, drinks, great food and talking about our relationship and how much we both have grown as a couple, everything we have been through and the possibilities that our futures held for us. It was perfect!

What was the proposal story?

Stephen – I decided that I wanted an intimate setting at a restaurant. Through a mutual friend I found a place that had a live pianist and wait staff that could help coordinate – Seasons 52. We showed up early to get drink before we were seated at our table. Once seated, Cheryl never noticed all the people giving cues to make the timing work out just right. When the time came the pianist Derek Sellers (who will be playing at our wedding) starting playing our 2 songs and the waiter brought out a decadent tray of desserts with the engagement ring as the center piece. She was so overwhelmed at she would only look at me. I looked her in the eyes and said “I know I call you my guardian angel but now (getting on one knee and getting the ring) I would like to call you my wife, will you marry me?” The restaurant burst into clapping and congratulations as she said yes!

What is your favorite thing to do together?

We love doing everything together! We enjoy going to out for dinner, drinks and dancing; staying in for homemade pizza and movies. We really enjoy each other’s company, we even work together! It’s not often you find one without the other.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Stephen- Seeing her walk down the aisle. Us being united for eternity and all our friends and family’s faces as we get married.

Cheryl – To give my whole being to the man I am so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with and to take his last name. And… To have this epic moment walking down the aisle in the most amazing dress ever!