I can’t even begin to describe the beauty that was this experience. Early in the year, I was feeling like I needed my creative juices were lacking. When you are designing and looking at similar color palettes often, it is hard to be inspired, creative and inventive–all the things I am supposed to be right?! So after the craziest 5 weeks ever for me #7eventsin5weeks, I needed a break. So I asked one of my biz besties Laura Walker with Jett Walker Photography if she wanted to road trip and do a little work too–of course she said yes! Charleston is her hometown and one of my favorite places on the planet because of the architecture, charm, colors, and food 😉

So we wanted to do something that had alot of color since wedding palettes have been muted colors over the last couple years, and mix alot of patterns. We sourced items literally the day before at local stores to add more color to our table. Luckily, amazing wedding vendors are in Charleston like Stephanie Gibbs and Wild Ivory Beauty and they were such a special part of our team! Alex Estes with Prairie Letter Shop was who I thought of first to create our gorg paper suite–Alex and I were in a group coaching program over the year and I just love her spirit and heart for creating. Our fantastic rentals came from Event Haus in Charleston & last but not least our two amazing venues The Gadsden House & RiverOaks made the perfect backdrops for our day of shooting. Laura and I were really just excited to create some beauty with new friends and had a BLAST doing it. Our model Kirsten just killed it, is in the wedding industry herself, and we totally made a new friend after our day and night together. Thanks to this great group for making this beautiful shoot happen!