Recently engaged?! Congrats! Here are 8 steps to start planning your wedding!

Step 1. Set budget: This is not an easy conversation but one that needs to happen. If you are unsure of how to spend your budget and what is appropriate, an I do, I do! Wedding Planner is available to help you create and manage your budget. There are several online breakdowns to help you gauge what you will be spending where.

Step 2. Create guest list: This is a huge task! You should be mindful of your budget when creating your guest list. Start early collecting names and addresses as it can take some time. Make a spreadsheet or a Google Doc sheet so everyone can collaborate. We are there to help you decide on how many guests you want and can allow at your budget and venue.

Step 3. Decide on style & design: Is your pinterest board all over the place? That’s ok! Now that you are really engaged, it is time to start a board with a clear vision and style of what your wedding will look like. We create a design & style guide for our brides to ensure the design is seamless.

Step 4. Venue: Venues, venues, venues, there are so many to chose from. After deciding your budget, guest list, and style you envision for your big day, the next stop is securing a venue. The style of your wedding plays a huge role in which venue you decide on. An I do, I do! wedding planner can help you find the perfect venue that will suit your style and design. We are available for site visits to help you create the  perfect plan of your wedding.

Step 5. Wedding vendors- inquire, meet, hire. There is no wedding season anymore! Weddings are year round so as soon as you identify who you are interested in meeting with start the ball rolling. We recommend vendors based on your style & budget to make sure it is a great match.Wedding Planner’s know and network with vendors in the area. We also provide our client’s with questions to ask to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed!

Step 6. Shop for a dress: After you have completed the first 5 steps of wedding planning, it’s time to have some fun! Shop for your perfect wedding gown. It can take 6-9 months for your gown to arrive and get altered so be sure to get started on this soon. While a wedding planner doesn’t have to be there when you buy a dress, but we are available to give you inspiration for your wedding dress ideas. Based on your venue and style, we can help you decide on the perfect gown that will tie in your ideal wedding.

Step 7. Shop for bridesmaids dresses: After deciding on your wedding party and buying your gown, it’s time to shop for your bridesmaids dresses. You want dresses that will compliment yours as well as fit your color & overall design. There are many options available now online and locally. We can help you locate bridesmaid’s dress shops in the area and help you decide on your color & style dresses you need for the big day.

Step 8. Begin paper suite design: Deciding on invitations is a fun yet important task to complete. You want to make sure the design reflects your ideal wedding and matches your style of the day. Properly branding your event can take it from average to spectacular. It is generally an inexpensive way to make a big splash. Our in house design team helps this all come together!

We hope these 8 steps get you going in the right direction. Don’t forget to check out Why you need a pro wedding planner, The B-Word: Budget, and Hiring Wedding Vendors for some extra resources in your planning process.

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