We have all been to one–you know the outdoor wedding in August, in 100+ degree heat, with the sun blaring down on you at 3pm in the afternoon. This is not the thing you want guests to remember from your wedding–how unbearably hot they were! Here are a few suggestions on how to keep your guests cooler in the hotter months:

  1. Be sure you have water for guests at the ceremony. We love having either beautiful drink dispensers with glasses on a table available or mini water bottles with personalized labels that guests can grab at the ceremony. Sure, you will have water at your reception but if guests arrive 30 minutes in advance, and then sit through a 30 min ceremony–they could be out in the heat for a minimum of an hour. Be sure to having something available for them.
  2. Fans at the ready. Having fans available is a huge help to guests. You might choose to have a personalized fan, turn your program into a fan making it dual purpose, or even renting electrical fans to keep the air moving.

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