A Day in the Life of Your Wedding Planner

So I get asked this a lot (including by my husband and family) “so what do you do all day?” I wish it was just Netlfix and chill all day long in my pjs but the fact is a lot goes into running a business, especially a wedding planning business. We normally take 20-25 clients a year. For us, that is what we feel we can do and serve our clients with the experience we want to deliver. So normally we have at least one wedding a month but depends on the time of year–April-June and September-November tend to be our busier times.

I also wish my life looked as glamours as J.Lo made it seem in “The Wedding Planner” but sadly McConHottie isn’t knocking at my door. BUT my job is awesome and my days can be really fun! We help make a once in a lifetime day happen for people–it is pretty cool.

So I thought I would share what an average day looks like(schedule taken right out of my She Plans Planner)


Photo: J.Woodbery Photography

7am wake up–full disclosure I normally scroll on my phone for a few

7:30am Workout

8am feed pups, get ready, put meal together

9am Head out the door

9:30am Check email

10am Create Studio partners meeting

12pm Facebook Live

12:30pm Meeting

1pm Client to dos–this is block time I schedule for completing client tasks–I do this every day depending on the amount of things we need to accomplish the block can be longer or shorter. Some days the entire day is devoted to client tasks, others I might not have as much to get done.

4pm Afternoon email check

5pm Head Home

6pm Make dinner, play with dogs, feed dogs, talk to husband (ya know he’s pretty important 😉

7pm Volunteer work to dos

8pm Pick up, laundry, get ready for the next day

Some days I do get to stay in PJS or yoga pants which is awesome. Some days I am working on the content you read here, researching new ideas for clients, sourcing items for clients, running errands, boring accounting stuff, learning about business and a billion other things. My days are full but so is my heart. I hope this gives you a little insight into what a day in the life is like!


Photo: Eric & Jamie Photography


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