Destination weddings, within the US and beyond, are increasingly popular. Destination weddings allow your guests to have a great experience and make your wedding a longer event. We wanted to share some things to keep in mind when planning:

  1. Consider how far your guests will need to travel and if it is feasible for them to get there. If you are just out of college, asking all your friends to fly to Cabo might not be feasible for them which may make you disappointed that not everyone you love is in attendance.
  2. Ease of planning: do you have a planner familiar with the area? You don’t need a planner from where you are having your destination wedding but they should be knowledgeable with the area in order to make recommendations on vendors, hotels/resorts, and things to do in the area. Personally, I love planning destination weddings because we get to plan several events for one week/weekend and allows us to really use our skills.
  3. If you are getting married out of the country, research the marriage requirements so you are legally wed!
  4. Keep guests informed. There are many free wedding websites out there. Utilize one and create it early so your guests are aware as well as can make arrangements far in advance.
  5. Shipping. Ask your hotel about shipping items directly to them instead of having to drive or fly with items. If flying, this will cut down on luggage costs as well as the amount you would need to keep up with while traveling.


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